How to Transfer Funds into Your Trading Account? | 5paisa

How will I transfer the funds from bank A/c to trading A/c?

You can transfer funds through the following ways:

Method 1: Net Banking

If you wish to transfer funds from your bank A/c to your 5paisa trading A/c, you need to have a net banking facility activated. We have a payment gateway available for a list of 44 banks (Please refer to the below list of banks).

How to do it?

Login to our 5paisa Mobile App >> User >> Add Funds >> Enter amount >> Click on Net banking >>  It will redirect to your bank website. Login to your net banking account with your bank credentials, Complete the transaction by authorizing the same and the amount will be credited in your trading A/c.

Charges: If you transfer funds through our Payment Gateway, the following transaction charges are applicable:

ChargesBasic PlanPower Investor PlanUltra Trader Plan
Net Banking- Pay In₹10₹10Free

Fund Updation Time:
Usually, net banking transactions are updated in real-time upon transaction status confirmation from your bank. But in the following scenarios, you might face a delay for fund updation in your 5paisa trading account 

Scenario 1: Your transaction was successful, the amount is also debited from your bank account but 5paisa is showing transaction status as "failure".
Reason for such scenario occurrence: Your bank has given the status of your transaction as failure to 5paisa due to an issue at the bank's server end.
What happens to such transaction: Your bank will reconcile all such transactions on the next working day and will share the updated status of the transaction as success to 5paisa or refunds back to your account.
Time for fund updation: In such a scenario it takes about 24-48 hours for fund updation in your trading account (totally depends on your bank's reconciliation process) 

Scenario 2: Your transaction was successful but funds are not updated in your trading account
Reason for such a scenario occurrence:  Your bank has delayed confirming your transaction and 5paisa has got your transaction status as pending from your bank
What happens to such transactions: Such transactions are usually confirmed by your bank in 30-45 mins post active reconciliation
Time for fund updation: In such a scenario it takes about 30-45mins for fund updation in your trading account.

In all other unusual scenarios, it takes about 15-30 mins for funds updation.

If you do not have bank A/c from the above-registered list of 44 banks, you can transfer your funds by the below methods: 

Method 2: UPI Transfer

Transfer your funds through the most used method of payment- UPI with instant credit.

To transfer funds through UPI, follow the below steps:

Login to 5paisa Mobile App >> Click on User >> Click on Add funds >> Enter amount >> Select the bank account you want to pay with >> Click on UPI App you want to pay with (Click on more to browse all UPI supported apps in your phone)>> Complete your transaction. (Refer to the below screenshot)


In case, you don't have the UPI ID mapped into the same mobile then follow the below-mentioned steps:

Login to 5paisa Mobile App >> Click on User >> Click on Add funds >> Enter amount >> Select the bank account you want to pay with >> Click on UPI ID >> Enter UPI ID you want to pay with >> Click on Pay >> On the UPI app, you will receive a collect request from 5paisa >> Enter UPI PIN to complete the transaction 

1. UPI transfers have a limit of ₹2,00,000/- per day. Your bank may have further restrictions on the amount allowed per transaction that you will have to check with your bank
2. In the case of UPI collection the request will expire in 10 minutes, hence ensure to approve the transaction from your UPI app within 10 mins post which it will be marked as expired 
3. Ensure that the UPI ID (VPA) you are paying with is mapped to the bank account registered with 5paisa. Any funds transferred with an unregistered bank account will be refunded back to the source account within 3-5 days 
4. Push to VPA is disallowed which means that only those transactions which are initiated from 5paisa will be accepted. You should not send money directly to 5paisa's UPI ID as the same is not allowed.

Fund Updation Time:
The funds will be updated instantly in your trading account, but they might get delayed in the below-mentioned scenarios-

Scenario 1: You have made the fund transfer from the bank account which is not registered with 5paisa
What will happen to your money: Money, if debited then it will be refunded back to your account instantly (most of the time) or within 24 hours.

Scenario 2: Your payment is successful, money debited but 5paisa is showing the transaction as failed 
Reason for such scenario occurrence:  Your bank has not given the debit transaction confirmation to NPCI and hence 5paisa also has not received the "Success" status for your transaction. So, it will initially be marked as pending at 5paisa until it's confirmed from your bank's end.
What happens to such a transaction: This transaction will be actively reconciled at your bank's end and the remitting bank will re-share the final transaction status to NPCI. Also, the same will be communicated to 5paisa. These transactions are reconfirmed usually within 15-30mins.
In case the transaction is marked as failed then the bank refunds the amount back into your account within 24-48 hours.
Time for fund updation: It takes about 15-30 mins for transaction confirmation in such a scenario. On confirmation of the "Success" status, we update it Instantly in your trading account 

Scenario 3: Your payment has failed, money is debited, and showing failed at 5paisa as well
What will happen to your money: Your money will be credited back to your account within 24-48 hours 
You can also check with your bank for knowing the exact time for the refund of money into your bank account


Transfer your funds 24*7 with instant Credit and NO DOCUMENTATION. 

Bank DetailsFor Equity
Beneficiary Name5PAISA
Beneficiary Account Number5PAISA
(5th character is ZERO)
Bank & Branch NameYes Bank, CMS National Operating Centre, MMR
Account TypeCURRENT

Please note that below ICICI Bank E-collection facility is having technical issues. Hence, request you to transfer funds into the above-mentioned Yes Bank E-collection account.

Bank DetailsFor Equity
Beneficiary NameFPAISA
Beneficiary Account NumberFPAISA
IFS CodeICIC0000104
Bank & Branch NameICICI Bank, CMS
Account TypeCURRENT

Note: Funds should be transferred from your registered bank account mapped with your 5paisa Account.

Process of registering beneficiary and transfers:
Login with your credentials on your bank website >> Click on Fund Transfer >> Add Beneficiary >> Enter Beneficiary Name >> Enter Beneficiary A/c no. >> Enter IFS Code >> Select Account Type as Current

Note: In certain banks, if your Third Party Transfer (TPT) is not activated, by entering your debit card details you can activate your TPT, or else you need to visit your nearest branch to avail of this facility. Also, For NEFT/RTGS, a credit will be as per RBI cycles.

In case, if you find any difficulties in adding a virtual account as a beneficiary through your bank's mobile app, you may try adding the beneficiary through your bank's web login.

For any further clarification, you can submit your query HERE

To know about your payment update, refer the below path:
Mobile Platform: Login >> Menu >> Trade >> Funds >> Click on Margin 
Website Platform: Login >> Click on the amount besides Mutual Funds >> Margin

To know more about the Funds transfer process, please refer to the following link,

* Please ensure that no funds are transferred to any personal accounts of any entities. For transferring funds to 5Paisa Capital Limited, kindly log in to your account through the web portal or mobile app or transfer funds to the bank accounts held in the company's name, which are specifically provided on the company's website. 5Paisa shall not be liable for any transfer of funds other than the funds received through the modes prescribed herein.