How to Withdrawal Fund from Trading Account? | 5paisa

How to Withdraw Funds from Trading Account to Bank Acccount?

If you wish to withdraw funds from trading A/c following are the ways:

Website Platform:

Login to >Fund ledger>click on withdraw funds

Mobile Platform:

Login to our 5paisa Mobile App >User>Funds>Click on Withdraw

Refer below our pay out cycle and pay out logic:

Pay out Cycle

Monday to Friday

Client Payout Request time

Ideal Payout Receipt time in client's bank account 

Previous Day 3.45 pm to Next day 10.30 am

1.00 pm

From 10.30 am to 01.30 pm

4.00 pm

From 01.30 pm to 3.45 pm

6.30 pm

Working Bank Saturday

Previous Day 3.45 pm to Next day 1.00 pm

4.00 pm

Request after 1.00 pm

Monday 1.00 pm

Pay Out Logic:

ALB ( Normal Ledger + MTF Ledger - Unclear receipts - Value of  Undelivered Securities - Total Margin requirement in Commodity, FNO & Currency)
Funds paid by you
Funds received by you
Margin blocked transactions during the day
Realized Loss
Unrealized Loss
Minimum balance to be maintained by you is Rs. 450
Subscription Charges like Swing trader, Smart Investor
Statutory  Charges & mark up for levies
Unsettled Trade value for sell done 

ALB = Adjusted Ledger Balance
MTF = Margin Trading Funding
FNO = Futures and Options