Important : Critical changes in our Trading System today

Important : Critical changes in our Trading System today

Dear Customers,
Today around 3:30 - 4 am, both our data centers hosted on Netmagic went down due to which all our trading and back office systems were not functional. There were issues on data centre end. We have made all our system live but there will be some changes today. 
1) All trades done by you yesterday will continue to be seen in your Net Position 
2) Portfolio and holding section will not be updated, but the holding shown in the "live section" of the app and "my stock" section on the web will be updated.
3) There may be a possibility that all the payin you have done between yesterday morning till evening may not reflect in your net available margin. However, our team is working on adding all the payin in the Adhoc margin section in your detailed view of net available margin. 
4) All transactions done in the commodity section will not be updated and clients trading in the commodity may not be able to see their position and net available margin correctly. 
5) All payouts requested after 4 pm yesterday will not be processed till all our back office systems are updated.
You may get in touch with our customer service team. However, we are experiencing a high volume, but for payin related urgent queries, please raise a ticket through our mobile app support section only for faster resolution.

Team 5paisa

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