Is it safe to invest in US stocks on 5paisa?

Is it safe to invest in US stocks on 5paisa?

Your account with 5paisa - Vested is also insured by SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation). Under this insurance, the securities in your account are protected up to US $500,000.

Furthermore, the investment brokerage account is opened under your name. All funds are deposited in your investment account and held at a custodian which is similar to depositories in India.

All your data and transactions are secured using 256-bit encryption. Secure Sockets layer (SSL) and authorized access.

Your account with 5paisa - Vested is also insured by SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation). Under this insurance, the securities in your account are protected up to US $500,000.
Furthermore, the investment brokerage account is opened under your name. All funds are deposited in your investment account and held at a custodian which is similar to depositories in India. 
All your data and transactions are secured using 256-bit encryption, Secure Sockets layer ( SSL) and authorized access.
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