What is Margin Plus(funding at 5paisa)?

What is Margin Plus(funding at 5paisa)?

MarginPlus is an exclusive facility designed by 5paisa for its users, which gives you the ability to trade in all segments using your entire net available margin! i.e. with MarginPlus you can trade entirely using collateral margin (pledged securities). 
To put it in simple terms, if you don't have enough cash to fulfil the different cash margin requirements across segments, or you want to trade using leverage, then MarginPlus is the product for you!
The funding provided, and the cash margin shortfall covered by 5paisa will be free of any charge for intraday trades. The same for All overnight(F&O)/Delivery(Cash)trades will attract nominal interest rates starting at just 0.03% per day.
The top benefits that Margin Plus users can avail of are-
  1. Zero cash margin requirement for Intraday trades across all segments, no interest charged. 
  2. No need to maintain a 50% cash margin in F&O (Lowest interest rates starting @10.95% p.a.)
  3. Avail up to 1X margin funding for cash delivery orders starting at @ 0.045% per day 
  4.  Real-time activation of MarginPlus while placing orders across segments.
  5.  Increase your ROI on short-term trades with the help of funding.
The below table details the interest rates applicable to users under MarginPlus:

Interest rates under MarginPlus
Intraday Rates (All Segments)
Overnight Rates for F&O Segment
0.04% Per Day (Networth Below ₹5 Lakhs*)
0.03% Per Day (Networth Above ₹5 Lakhs*)
Rates on Delivery Cash Segment(MTF)

0.06% Per Day (Networth upto ₹5 Lakhs*)

0.05% Per Day (Networth between ₹5 Lakhs to ₹1 Cr*)

0.045% Per Day (Networth above ₹1 Cr*)

*Interest rates given above for the cash segments are applicable from 1st Oct, 22. Prior to that interest rates in the cash segment were flat 0.06% per day.

*Networth includes your holdings in cash & stocks on 5Paisa.

Minimum Cash Margin Requirement for MarginPlus User vs. Non-MarginPlus user

MarginPlus Customer
Non-MarginPlus Customer
Overnight (F&O)
Delivery Cash
Notes to remember:
  1. You will need to pledge your existing holdings to avail the MarginPlus benefits
  2. 5paisa’s Margin Trading Facility will now only be available for MarginPlus customers 
  3. You will be required to pledge the shares purchased against collateral for funding the next day (Margin Trading Facility).
  4. Interest will be changed only to the extent of funding used from 5Paisa
  5. Activation of margin plus will be real-time, while deactivation of the same will take 24 hours