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Refer and Earn

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What do you get when your friend opens a 5paisa account?

Exclusive Diwali Offer - Get ₹300 Referral Credit

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Terms and Conditions:

  1. Refer and Earn offer is applicable for your first 50 referrals only, since the account opening date with 5paisa
  2. The Referral amount will be deposited into your Ledger Account. You can withdraw this amount from the ledger account
  3. The referrer will be eligible for benefits only if the referee account is opened within 10 days from the referral date
  4. A referrer is a 5paisa customer who refers a prospective customer to open a Demat account by using their unique referral link or code
  5. The Referee is a customer who opens the Demat account with 5paisa using the referral code or link of an existing 5paisa customer
  6. The Referral date is the date when a referee begins her account opening process for the first time
  7. The activation date is the date when a referee successfully opens the account with 5paisa
  8. Referral Reward is the benefit that the Referrer gets once the referred friend successfully activates the Demat account with 5paisa
  9. There is no upper limit on the number of referrals or referral rewards
  10. However, the referrer will be upgraded to the Pro Partner program for a client giving more than 50 referrals.
  11. Make sure your referee opens a Demat account with 5paisa using your referral code only
  12. No two referral offers can be combined at any given point. Users can qualify under only one offer in a given active month
  13. The referrer will receive the referral reward for each referral once the referee account is activated i.e. Demat and trading account is opened after complete document & application verification is in line with the SEBI / Exchange regulations, and internal policies and procedures of the company
  14. The ledger credit will be made as per the 5paisa payment settlement policy basis the mentioned terms and conditions
  15. TDS at applicable rates shall be deducted from the fees so paid
  16. If details of the referred client already exist in the 5paisa database as an existing client or as a lead client, then it will not be considered under this scheme for referral reward benefits, and 5paisa reserves the right to exclude the said accounts for the calculation of referral rewards
  17. All the verification and account opening processes will be carried out by the 5paisa team, and the team reserves the right to reject the case depending on compliance requirements and the company’s existing policies and procedures
  18. Management reserves all the rights to modify or terminate the arrangement of the scheme at any time without prior notice. The decision of 5paisa on all matters relating to, or in connection with the use of this offer shall be final and binding on all parties concerned
  19. 5paisa reserves the right to carry out checks and controls as it deems fit and proper, before the credit of referral reward to the referrer
  20. Each referral reward winner will be scrutinized under the “referral quality check committee” before crediting the reward money to his ledger
  21. Referrer agrees that the following activities are expressly prohibited and engaging in any of these will lead to the initiation of legal and criminal action against you, and also result in immediate termination and disqualification from the Referral Program, forfeiture of existing referral invitations and accrued, but not yet received, referral rewards
  22. Spam, bulk distribution of invitations, distribution to strangers, or any other promotion of 5paisa Referral offer through invitations that would constitute or appear to constitute unsolicited commercial e-mail, SMS, publishing any article or content about 5paisa products, services, etc
  23. Fraud attempted fraud or abuse of the 5paisa Referral offer for the given Terms & Conditions
  24. Selling, trading, bartering, or providing anything of value to your Invitee beyond the referral invitation or otherwise using Your Program invitations or Rewards for promotional purposes
  25. Organizing competitions, online contests, posting content about 5paisa, etc
  26. Any act or omission resulting in damage to 5paisa in any form whatsoever in nature
  27. Offer is valid for select customers only as per company policy
  28.  Referral offer is only applicable for regular accounts.
  29. Referral offer is not applicable for PlusOne and Youngvestor accounts.​

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