Steps for Adding Bank Details via UPI

Steps for Adding Bank Details via UPI

Follow the below steps to add bank details via UPI- 

Step 1:

Select the "Add bank details through UPI” option on the 5paisa app and click on “Proceed”

Step 2:

Select any one of the following UPI apps installed in your mobile phone. 

Step 3:

A screen like the one below would be visible on your mobile phone. Then, you will be redirected to the selected UPI app, and make ₹1 payment for further processes.

Note- ₹1 will be automatically credited back to your bank account within 24-48 hours after the transaction. 

Step 4:

Navigate back to the 5paisa app after a successful transaction and confirm the bank details on the screen.

Step 5:

Your bank details are successfully linked to your 5paisa Demat account.

Happy Investing!
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