What are DOM surface Charts in Quantower Platform?

What are DOM surface Charts in Quantower Platform?

DOM Surface charts is a market depth visualization tool with trades and orders data. This tool allows you to understand the large buy/sell limit orders sitting on the order book of the exchange. https://youtu.be/DokWC7aIPM4
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    • FAQs on QuanTower Trading Platform

      1. What is the Quantower Trading Platform at 5paisa? Quantower Trading Platform is an advanced platform and an extension to 5paisa that enables users to do trading through their desktops/laptops. It is a full-featured platform covering the global ...
    • What are the free and paid premium features of the QuanTower Platform?

      Following is the list of comparisons between the basic and premium features of the platform- Features Free Basic All-In-One Multi-Connection 1 Unlimited Unlimited Exchanges Covered - BSE, NSE, MCX Yes Yes Yes Templates, Binds, Custom Screens ...
    • Does Quantower Platform provide a free trial?

      When you download and register on the Quantower application, you’ll be given free access for 5 days to explore the platform at best. 
    • How to create synthetic symbols and trade Quantower Platform?

      The synthetic symbols panel in Quantower is designed to create a multi-legs spread or pairs in any asset class. Once the Synthetic spreads are created, one can add the Synthetic symbols to the watchlist, monitor time & sales data, view intraday ...
    • How to place orders using the chart on the Quantower Trading Platform?

      Quantower terminal allows you to place an order with the help of the charts where the order can be placed with one or two clicks. Also, modification/cancellation and complete order management can be done from the charts themselves.