What are the benefits of DDPI?

What are the benefits of DDPI?

DDPI allows you to transfer securities held in your Demat account towards stock exchange-related deliveries or settlement obligations hassle-free without using T-pins or Sell Authorizations. It is also beneficial for you to pledge and repledge securities with the broker easily.

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    • Is DDPI safe?

      Yes, DDPI is a safe and secure way to pledge or sell your securities as the process is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and the depositories in India.
    • What are the charges involved in activating DDPI?

      There are no charges for activating DDPI at the moment.
    • From where I can activate DDPI in 5paisa?

      The DDPI is currently available on our website only. Please refer to the path below for more information. Login to 5paisa >> Click on MY Profile >> POA >> DDPI
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