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What are the features of Smart Investor?

Smart Investor has two features namely Model Portfolio & Advanced research tools.
Model Portfolio contains a list of promising stocks which qualify CAN SLIM criteria. These are the stocks which you should have in your portfolio.
Model Portfolio section:
  • Actionable Buys: Stocks in a model portfolio might have been added at different point of time & based on a buy zone & stock condition that were good at time of adding. As the name suggests, actionable buys have those stocks of model portfolio that are currently in buy zone.
  • Recent additions: Stocks which were recently added in the model portfolio are shown in this list. Stocks based on fundamental and technical strength, using the CANSLIM methodology are selected. Though many stocks might pass these criteria, best & most ideal of the lot in expert opinion are added in Model Portfolio. You should consider purchasing these stocks.
  • Recent removals:  Stocks are removed from the model portfolio when they breach our sell-rules, or when they weaken technically. You should consider selling these stocks.
  • Buy watchlist: This gives a list of stocks that looks promising as per CAN SLIM but are yet not strong enough to be added in model portfolio. These stocks are tracked & might get added in model portfolio.
  • Sell watchlist: This gives a list of stocks of Model Portfolio that looks weak. These stocks are tracked & might get removed from model portfolio.
 Advanced Research tools:
  • Idea List: It has multiple lists having top performing stocks under different buckets. Robo advisor list is an algorithmic list of leading growth stocks with many, if not all, of the traits of past market winners using CAN SLIM methodology. The list is filled with strong price performers so you'll find stocks that are extended past proper buy points. These stocks typically have strong fundamentals and sound base patterns. The list is evaluated & revised every Friday. Additionally, it has, Guru Screens – stocks applying strategies of stock market legends.
  • Stock Evaluation: Stock Evaluation gives you an unbiased instant assessment of over 4,000 listed companies. It is composed of a stock chart with pattern recognition & moving averages. It provides proprietary ratings for the stock which is based on parameters like EPS, Price Strength, Buyer Demand, Group Rank ratings. It efficiently combines key stock information, custom & CAN SLIM checklist that you need to validate your decision to buy or sell or to commit to further research.
  • Market Outlook: Market Outlook provides daily and weekly reports on overall Indian market conditions, an evaluation of how well our India 47 and Model Portfolio lists performed versus the market, Learning articles on CAN SLIM, Sector reports, Special reports etc. This outlook helps to clarify whether the current market environment is helping or hurting growth stocks.
 Smart Investor has a success ratio of around 70% & average monthly return is around 3% making annual return of 25%

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