What are the features of Swing trader?

What are the features of Swing trader?

Swing Trader in 5Paisa mobile app has following sections:
  • Current trades: Current trade contains a list of stocks that meet CANSLIM criteria, and are added to the list when they are technically strong. Though many stocks meet the above criteria, we ensure that the best and most ideal of the lot are recommended. Investors can consider purchasing such stocks when they are added to the list. Also, complete information of why the stock looks promising is provided. Stocks are removed from the list when they breach our stop-loss, or when they hit the profit goal. Here, investors should immediately exit to book profit or restrict losses.
  • Past Trades: Trade closes once the stock reaches the profit goal or hits the stop-loss. Such trades are then moved to the past trade section. You get a snapshot of each closed trade, and this list is easy to sort and search. This also makes the product completely transparent.
  • Recent Alerts: All the last 5 days alerts are triggered here. These alerts provide information regarding addition/removal of stocks, stop loss, profit goal, buy range. 
  • Market outlook: The general direction of the stock market affects individual stocks - the tide raises or lowers all ships. Market outlook helps to understand the market & its impact on your stocks. That will help you know whether to set sail or be an abandoned ship. 
 Swing Trader has a success ratio of around 60% & average monthly return is around 3% making annual return of 36%

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