List of documents required for activating FNO/derivative segment

List of documents required for activating FNO/derivative segment

Post account activation, if you wish to activate FNO or derivative segment, you need to provide financial proof for the same. 

To activate the segment, the user can follow the below steps:

Through App: 
Login to 5paisa App >> Menu >> My Profile >> On top right side Click on Modify >> Segment Details >> Add Segment 

Through Web: 
Login to 5paisa Web >> Menu >> Click on My Profile >> Segment Details >> Add Segment 

Post clicking on Add segment button user can select the income slab and provide financial proof to submit the segment addition request

Note: Some users may see the income range selection option only. On submitting the request, we auto-approve a few segment modification requests depending on internal logic. 

For other cases, the user may be requested to provide financial proof through one of the methods explained below:

>> Upload Online (Auto Fetch Bank Statement)
On selection, the user is redirected to a third-party page. On selecting a preferred bank, bank statements are auto-fetched for last 6m

>> Upload Offline
Users can select Any One document from the drop-down menu:
  1. Income tax return statement (Latest ITR)
  2. Bank Statement (Last 6 months)
  3. Demat Holdings (Last 6 months)
  4. Salary slip
  5. Net worth Certificate
  6. Copy of form 16
  7. Copy of annual accounts
  8. Fixed Deposit (INR 50,000 & above)