What are the subscription and brokerage charges for Sensibull?

What are the subscription and brokerage charges for Sensibull?

Subscription Charges for Sensibull:

Subscription Plan
Sensibull Pro
1 month
Rs. 970 + 18% GST
Sensibull Pro
6 months
Rs. 4,680 + 18% GST

Brokerage charges will be the same i.e. flat fee Rs. 20 per trade (Applicable from 01st January, 2020)

Note: Once the subscription is successfully done, the amount cannot be refunded.

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    • Expired Subscription Plans & Features

      The below Subscription plan offer valid from 01st January, 2020 to 06th October, 2020 ​ Note: 18% GST applicable on all the above-mentioned charges. Terms & Conditions: Customers to compulsory have an active Equity trading account with 5Paisa. ...
    • What are your brokerage charges and are there any other charges apart from brokerage?

      We do not charge any brokerage. For any segment, we charge flat fee of Rs. 20 per executed order (Applicable from 01st January, 2020). Apart from flat fee, statutory charges are levied. Following are the statutory charges: General Charges: Note: 18% ...
    • What charges are levied everytime I trade?

      Each time you trade there are few charges that will be levied basis the segment. Please note, if you have an active subscription/pricing plan then you will be charged lesser rates as per your plan. Note: 18% GST applicable on all the above charges ...
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      We charge Zero brokerage for all the stock trades done for US stocks and ETFs. However investing in Vests, our pre-curated portfolios attract an upfront fee of $3/purchase and an AUM fee of 0.5%/year. If you withdraw funds from your account with ...
    • Can I cancel my subscription and how can I do the same?

      Yes. You may cancel your subscription. If you wish to cancel your subscription payments, simply login to the 5paisa App and navigate to My Subscriptions. However, if the subscription plan is not cancelled, the same shall be renewed automatically for ...