What do these cautionary messages indicate?

What do these cautionary messages indicate?

These cautionary messages are represented by specific indicators (Short Codes) and provide information about various conditions related to a security. For example, they can indicate whether a company has been consistently loss-making, the level of promoter shareholding encumbrance, non-compliance with SEBI SOP Circulars, failure to pay annual listing fees, or the removal of derivatives trading.
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    • How can I access these cautionary messages on the trading terminal?

      These cautionary messages are typically displayed on the front end of the trading terminal as pop-up messages. Traders and investors will see them when they access information about a specific security.
    • What is the purpose of these cautionary messages on the trading terminal?

      These cautionary messages are meant to provide traders and investors with important information about certain securities. They highlight specific conditions or circumstances related to the respective securities that may be of interest to market ...
    • What does Indicator 81 indicate?

      Indicator 81 implies that the promoters or promoter group's shareholding is encumbered by at least 50% of the total capital.
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