What is a Hospicash Cover?

What is a Hospicash Cover?

Under the Hospicash cover, if during the Policy Period, the Insured Person sustains bodily Injury which results in the Insured Person being in a Hospital as an In-patient, the policy will provide the amount as specified in the Policy Schedule or Certificate of Insurance for each continuous and completed period of 24 hours through which the Insured Person is Hospitalised. The benefit is made available under Group Total Protect policy.

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    • What is an SIP Protection Cover?

      This cover provides protection to the Insured Member when he undergoes Medically Necessary Hospitalization, during the Cover Year. We pay the amount as opted, for every completed period.
    • What are bracket, cover and makret order and how to place the order for the same?

      Bracket Order 5paisa provides bracket order wherein customer can take an intraday position and take an advantage of extra exposure while being protected through stop loss order and a profit objective. To place an order, please follow the below path: ...
    • What is a Heart Secure Cover?

      Heart Secure policy provides a lump sum benefit, if the Insured member suffers from any of the covered Illnesses of the nature as specified in the policy terms.
    • What is a Cancer Secure Cover?

      Cancer Secure provides a lumpsum benefit to the members covered under the policy, provided that the covered Illness is first diagnosed or first manifests itself during the Policy Period as a first incidence.
    • Who all are eligible for Heart Secure cover?

      Only registered customers of 5 Paisa Capital Limited