What is DPR?

What is DPR?

DPR, or Daily Price Range, represents the maximum allowable fluctuation in price during a trading session for a specific scrip. It defines a scrip’s maximum permitted price movement within a single trading day
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    • Why does 5Paisa square off positions?

      5Paisa square off for various reasons. Here are some reasons to help you understand why it is done: Scenario 1: T+6 Debit Square Off Timing: Daily at 3:15 pm Criteria: Square off for clients purchasing NON-APPROVED Stocks. Exception: Debit less than ...
    • In which scenarios my equity intraday position gets square off by 5paisa?

      The Risk team may initiate square-offs in four scenarios: 1. DPR-based Square Off: Occurs anytime during the day when a client holds a short position in a stock nearing its upper threshold of the Daily Price Range (DPR) prescribed by the exchange. ...
    • Square off Process

      Risk team can initiate square off in 9 scenarios. All scenarios are explained below: Scenario.1. T+6 Debit Square Off (Daily 3.15 pm) T+6 (T being Trading Day) square off is initiated for all clients who have purchased NON-APPROVED Stocks. All stocks ...