What is NAV? What NAV will I get if I invest today?

What is NAV? What NAV will I get if I invest today?

Every Mutual Fund Scheme option has a NAV, which indicates the price of a single unit. Mutual funds are allotted in units. When you invest 10000 and per unit NAV is 10, you will get 1000 units. This is for ease of buying and selling and understanding growth, so if NAV changes to 11 now, your 1000 units are now worth 11000.

All redemption orders placed on the business days prior to 3pm will get the same day’s NAV and any redemption order placed after or at 3pm will get the next business day’s NAV. 

Any investments or redemption made on Non Business Days will be processed on the next business day at 9:30 am in the morning

Note: The NAV reflecting on the screen is the closing value of the previous business day and while redeeming the actual amount may vary based on actual NAV.

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