What is the eligibility for corporate action at 5paisa?

What is the eligibility for corporate action at 5paisa?

Eligibility of Corporate Action:

Let's delve into the significance of various pivotal dates concerning corporate actions:

Declaration Date: On this day, the Board of Directors publicly announces to both shareholders and the broader market its intention to distribute dividends.

Ex-Date: This marks the point when a security is traded without the inclusion of the corporate action benefits. Investors who purchase the security on or after the ex-date are not qualified to partake in the company's corporate action.

Record Date: On this date, the company reviews its records to ascertain which shareholders have the right to take part in the corporate action. Investors holding shares on the record date are eligible for the corporate action.

Date of Payment: This is the day when the company dispatches the corporate action materials to the shareholders who held shares on the record date. Usually occurring a week or more after the record date, this timeframe ensures the company has ample time to accurately process payments for all eligible parties.

You can check the Ex-date and record date on the NSE website.