What is the new VTT order type?

What is the new VTT order type?

VTT stands for Valid Till Triggered orders. It allows you to set a trigger price, whenever your trigger price is hit on same day or at a future date, a (limit/market) order will be placed on the exchange as per the limit price set by you. These orders will be active until triggered.
Along with this it also allows you to enter Stop Loss and/or Target order legs at the time of placement of the entry order. However both these legs will be active only upon execution of 1st leg . Similar to 1st leg, even for these legs you set a trigger prices and specify action to be performed upon getting triggered.

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    • How do I place Buy VTT order?

      VTT Buy Order: This type of order is utilized to set up triggers for buying stocks intended for delivery. Once the trigger price is reached, a buy order is automatically executed at the specified limit price on the exchange. This order is applicable ...
    • Can I place VTT order in derivatives?

      Yes, you can place a VTT order in derivatives but only in equity derivatives.
    • How to Check status of VTT Order? Can I modify and cancel the VTT order?

      Through Website: Path: Log in at www.5paisa.com >> Click on the context menu >> Click on Order and Position >> VTT Through Application: Path: App >> Click on User >> Click on Book >> VTT Note: You can Modify or cancel the VTT order from the VTT tab, ...
    • How do I place sell VTT order?

      Sell VTT is used to exit current stock holdings or selling FNO contract Consider the example in the image below: In this example, If the trigger price of 1680 is hit on the exchange, a limit sell order at 1680 is placed. This order will be executed ...
    • Can I place a VTT order for intraday?

      No, you cannot place a VTT order intraday. For intraday, you have another option i.e. Bracket Order