What is the strategy-level exit parameter in scalping?

What is the strategy-level exit parameter in scalping?

With this feature, you can define your fixed profit or loss at the strategy level. If your strategy level profit is achieved with only 5 out of 10 entries i.e. the number of times then your strategy will be completed and further entries will not take place. 

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    • What is Scalping?

      It is a tool that will help you do Scalping based on the movement of Future Price Or Spot Price by simply entering underlying points as UP/DOWN movement. You can define the type of instrument, TGT and SL for each leg and the number of times you want ...
    • What is the Exit Parameters section on the Smart Strategies platform?

      The exit parameter section helps you define exit conditions for the strategy where you can define targets, stoploss and trail target/SL conditions.
    • What are Scalping Points?

      Based on the scalping points provided, the strategy will do scalping for the reference price. Suppose you have mentioned 50 points and the reference price is 18,000, then at 18,050, the system will fire for the defined Instrument.
    • What could be my reference price (Spot or Future Price) from where the scalping strategy will start?

      The reference price (offset price) will be the one when you submit the strategy. Suppose you submit the strategy at 10 AM when NIFTY futures were trading at 18,500. Then, your offset price will be 18,500, and your scalping strategy will start ...
    • Can I pause the Strategy?

      Yes, you can pause the strategy computation, once paused strategy will go into an idle state and entry and exit will not be taken place.