What is two-factor authentication(2FA)?

What is two-factor authentication(2FA)?

Two factor authentication is a security feature where a customer needs to fulfill the two authentication criteria to login into a system.
One authentication will be OTP/Device ID, and another one will be the DOB/PIN depending on the scenarios of login set by the users.

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    • Why do I need two-factor authentication in 5paisa?

      The two factor authentication for login sessions in 5paisa has to be implemented for all orders originating using our trading platform. In compliance with the new NSE circular no 36/2022 on increasing the security of your trading account. This move ...
    • Is two-factor authentication mandatory for all?

      Yes, it is compulsory for everyone otherwise you cannot access the trading platform.
    • For whom this two-factor authentication is applicable?

      This feature applies to all internet-based platforms.
    • How do I set my PIN?

      Following is the process to set up the two-factor authentication PIN in your device- Put the User ID  Enter OTP that you’ll receive on your mobile number and email address Add the Date of birth(DOB) Enter the PIN of your choice  Setup the PIN
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