When will my corporate action start reflecting on portfolio?

When will my corporate action start reflecting on portfolio?

Portfolio applies corporate action as per ex date. Hence, corporate action effect will start reflecting on your portfolio from ex date. However, shares may take time to get credited in your demat account. In some cases, shares are received within 10-15 days, depending upon company to company.

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    • What are Corporate Actions?

      Companies periodically announce corporate actions like Bonus, Split, Mergers which will have an impact to the holdings. In the portfolio computation logic, system applies the corporate action effect as announced by the company. Read More about ...
    • Can I get corporate action benefits if stocks are pledged?

      Pledged stocks remain in your demat account, hence you will be eligible to enjoy the benefits of corporate action such as dividends, bonus, split, etc.
    • What all corporate actions are supported on Portfolio?

      We support bonus, split, dividend, merger, demerger, scheme of arrangement, reduction of capital, consolidation etc. Corporate allotted through corporate actions (as per the pre-defined ratio) reflect as buy / sell entry on portfolio (depending on CA ...
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    • Am I entitled to receive corporate benefits without POA & debit?

      Yes, you are entitled to receive all corporate action benefits like Bonus, Split, Dividend etc. However, you may experience difficulties in applying for specific corporate actions like Buyback and Rights because, in such circumstances 5PAISA will not ...