Whether I can pay applicable margins after placing an order?

Whether I can pay applicable margins after placing an order?

No, applicable minimum margin should be available before placing the order.
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    • What is First order today?

      First Order Today SIP allows customers to pay for the first installment on the day of placing the SIP Order. If a customer selects 120 installments the first installment will be debited on the day that the order is processed and the next installment ...
    • What is the margin / fund requirement for placing a VTT?

      There is no requirement to have margin just for placing a VTT order. But orders would be rejected if margin is short on the day when orders get triggered and placed.
    • Why should one use VTT order type?

      When you want to buy or sell a scrip based on a price trigger in future. Also, with this you can fix the stop loss and target prices at the same time of placing the entry order in a scrip. This makes life simpler as you don't have to track or place ...
    • What is stop loss order and how to place it?

      It is used as a tool to minimise losses on a position. You may use this type of order when, for example, you have bought a particular stock at Rs 1000. You can afford losses only up to Rs.950. Instead of seeing market continuously and check price you ...
    • Which all segments are available for placing a VTT order?

      Currently, you can place VTT orders in the cash segment soon we will also support it for derivative orders.