Whether I can pay applicable margins after placing an order?

Whether I can pay applicable margins after placing an order?

No, applicable minimum margin should be available before placing the order.
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    • What is First order today?

      First Order Today SIP allows customers to pay for the first installment on the day of placing the SIP Order. If a customer selects 120 installments the first installment will be debited on the day that the order is processed and the next installment ...
    • What is the margin / fund requirement for placing a VTT?

      There is no requirement to have margin just for placing a VTT order. But orders would be rejected if margin is short on the day when orders get triggered and placed.
    • Types of order and its validity

      Types of Order: Limit Order: A limit order is an order to buy / sell a stock at a specific price. Example, if you want to buy shares of Wipro which is trading at Rs 295, but you do not want to pay more than Rs.280 for it, you can place a limit order ...
    • What are bracket, cover and makret order and how to place the order for the same?

      Bracket Order 5paisa provides bracket order wherein customer can take an intraday position and take an advantage of extra exposure while being protected through stop loss order and a profit objective. To place an order, please follow the below path: ...
    • Why should one use VTT order type?

      When you want to buy or sell a scrip based on a price trigger in future. Also, with this you can fix the stop loss and target prices at the same time of placing the entry order in a scrip. This makes life simpler as you don't have to track or place ...