Why am I unable to add funds to my 5paisa trading account through UPI?

Why am I unable to add funds to my 5paisa trading account through UPI?

While attempting to add funds to your trading account, the UPI transaction may fail due to one of the following reasons-
  1. Transferring funds directly to 5paisa's UPI ID from your UPI app instead of using the Add Funds option on App or web. Refer from here to add funds using UPI for the right process. 
  2. The UPI ID (VPA) is linked to a bank account not registered with 5Paisa. You can only add funds using this bank account after registering it as your primary or secondary bank account. If you transfer funds from an unmapped UPI ID, the transaction will automatically fail, and the funds will be reversed within 3 working days. If the funds are not reversed, kindly contact your bank for further clarification.
  3. The UPI request sent to your app was not accepted within 5 minutes.
  4. Attempting more than 35 UPI transactions in a day.
  5. Exceeding the daily UPI transfer limit set by your bank. UPI transfers typically have a limit of ₹1 – ₹2 lakh per day, and banks may impose additional restrictions on the amount per transaction.
  6. Entering the UPI ID (VPA) incorrectly.

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