Why should one use VTT order type?

Why should one use VTT order type?

When you want to buy or sell a scrip based on a price trigger in future. Also, with this you can fix the stop loss and target prices at the same time of placing the entry order in a scrip. This makes life simpler as you don't have to track or place orders everyday in scrips that are in your interested in.
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    • What is the new VTT order type?

      VTT stands for Valid Till Triggered orders. It allows you to set a trigger price, whenever your trigger price is hit on same day or at a future date, a (limit/market) order will be placed on the exchange as per the limit price set by you. These ...
    • Can I place a VTT order for intraday?

      No, you cannot place intraday VTT orders, instead use Cover and Bracket order for the same.
    • How to place VTT order?

      In order to place a VTT order; you have to click on advance buy option on the order placement tray. Then as per requirement enter the entry leg trigger price followed by limit/market order to place once the trigger is hit. Also, optionally you can ...
    • What is the validity of VTT order?

      Your VTT order is valid for 1 year from the date of placement.
    • Can I delete a VTT order?

      You can always delete a VTT order until none of the trigger orders legs gets triggered. It is the 2nd option next to "modify" on every VTT order in your VTT orderbook.