Will I be able to make BTST trades under the new Cash margin system?

Will I be able to make BTST trades under the new Cash margin system?

The new regulations require at least 20% upfront margin before initiating a sell transaction. So you can only initiate a BTST transaction only if the net available margin displayed in the Funds section in the mobile app/web login is equal to or greater than net available margin. If the net available margin is less than 20% of the sale value, then your order will be rejected as per the RMS policy.

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      BTST (But Today Sell Tomorrow) trades are those trades where you purchase shares and sell it at your sole discretion on T+1 day or T+2 day i.e. before the trade is settled and the shares are not delivered into your DEMAT account. The risk with BTST ...
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      For intraday: Intraday exposures will now be restricted to max 5X. Currently, we offer up to 6.6666 X on some category of stocks but post-Sept 1 maximum exposure will be restricted to 5X. For Delivery sell: Currently, we release 100% of Sell value ...
    • Will I get 100% margin benefit upon sell?

      No, If you sell stocks, we will release 80% margin under presumption that we will be able to deliver these shares to exchange in early pay-in. 
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