Will I get margin benefit immediately after I sell my stock?

Will I get margin benefit immediately after I sell my stock?

You may get the benefit of shares sold on T-day (i.e. instantly on the same day of trading) under the following circumstances. 
  1. Shares lying in Client Unpaid Securities Account (CUSA). This normally happens if you sell shares which are purchased in last 7 trading days and the same are not transferred to your Demat account.
  2. If the shares are lying in your Demat account and are available free, i.e. there is no pledge created by you against the said stocks.
  3. If the shares are lying in your Demat account and are pledged only for Margin Funding (MTF) 
In the case of the following scenarios, the credit of shares sold will only be available on or after T+2 day:
  1. Shares pledged by you for availing margin benefit (Margin benefit is different from Margin funding benefit)
  2. Profits arising out of Intraday trading
  3. Sale proceeds from Derivatives positions. 
  4. Stocks bought on previous trading day and sold on the subsequent day next (BTST), the margin will be released on T+1 of selling day. Sale proceeds from Derivatives positions, margin will be credited instantly

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