5paisa Watchlist Revamp have you all covered!

5paisa Watchlist Revamp have you all covered!

In today's time, we believe in consistency and the growth factor, where we ensure that our customers explore our top-tier application, which has a plethora of new features that will make your trading experience amazing.


Objectives for such overhaul?


The primary objective to execute this revamp session on the watchlist was its animation and depiction of action in real time for the stock watch for you to stay focused throughout the market hour and provide a greater amount of customizations.


What has been revamped?


1. Live Screen: On the live screen, the colour of the stock will keep changing its colour shades in red or green based on the market condition, where Green interprets the stock as bullish, and Red describes the stock as bearish.


Moreover, you can customize and change the gradient animation of live stocks from colour shade to the digit's colour. i.e. If the stock price changes, so the 'digits' of the stock will turn green or red based on the price volatility.


2. Customized Watchlist: You can customize the stock visuals in the watchlist by changing the stock's 'Logo(icon) to a Chart' and 'Chart to a Logo' of your favourite stocks on the basis of your preferences. 

Refer to the images below for a better understanding-


Charts to Symbols

Symbols to Chart

3. Ascend or Descend the stocks with the Sorting option: All sortings will have the three stages- descending(1st click), ascending(2nd click) and no sort(3rd click). 

4. Heatmap: It by default sorts the stocks with the changes in the stock's percentage. Also, one can use the toggle button on the right side of the screen to access the heatmap.

5. The Screener: The screener will be available on the right side of the screen with fully featured fundamental data, economic and financial screening criteria, and the comprehensive charting functionalities that have been covered in the application.

Dashboard Navigation: The Ticker and the Banners on the dashboard have all-embracing features according to the individual's need. Click here to know more.