Implementation of Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Implementation of Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Intending to enhance security for all transactions in mind, the Exchanges have been adding layers of security to the trading and investment processes. In compliance with guidelines set by the NSE circular Ref no 36/2022, the two factor authentication for login sessions in 5paisa has to be implemented latest by 30th Sept’22 for all orders originating using our trading platform.
Click here to read the circular. 

What is two-factor authentication? 

Two factor authentication is a security feature where a customer needs to fulfill the two authentication criteria to login into a system. This feature is built based on the following elements-

Knowledge factor (something only the user knows): - e.g., Password, PIN.
Possession factor (something only the user has): - e.g., OTP, security token, authenticator apps on smartphones, etc. In the case of OTP, the same will be sent to our clients through both email and SMS on their registered Email ID and Mobile number
These ‘two-factor authentication’ changes apply to all internet-based platforms. The main intent of two-factor authentication is to secure the customer authentication process and to protect online customer accounts against unauthorized access. When implemented properly, 2FA offers much greater protection against hacking than single-factor password authentication. Additionally, these changes apply to everyone otherwise one will not be able to access their trading platforms.

Below are the steps to enable 2FA in your trading platform:

Step 1: Go to the 5paisa web portal and enter your user ID (Mobile/Email/Client 

Step 2: You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number and email 
Step 3: Enter the OTP(One time password) & fill in your DOB (Date of birth)

Step 4: Setup the 6 DIGIT PIN of your choice 

Step 5: To link your device, you will need to click in the Checkbox as shown 

Now you’re all set to access your trading platform hassle-free just by entering the 6-digit PIN every time you log in!

To know more about the two-factor authentication (2FA) and how it works, Read here.

Happy Trading!