FnO 360

FnO 360

Hello Traders,

In last 4 years derivatives segment has seen multifold increase in terms of retail participation. Overall Retail average daily turnover (ADTO) has increased more than 8X whereas customers trading in this segment has also increased more than 6X. Most of this increase in participation and also ADTO has been in Options trading. New generation traders are not just using options to trade but also using a lot of tools and strategies to balance risk reward ratio. As trading in derivative segment is increasing and it requires support of market data, tools, charts and other features we decided to launch a dedicated terminal for such traders. We call it FnO 360. As the name suggests, its a feature-packed platform that aims at providing all the data in just one place with the perfect blend of the tools for making your trading decisions. Our goal is to introduce our clients to this market in a simple, understandable, safe and most importantly- EASY way. 

FnO 360 A dedicated platform for Derivatives trading.

The platform has all the things a trader needs for decision-making and trading intelligently. Designed, developed and managed in-house by 5paisa's amazing team of experts, the platform boasts super-fast updates and a speedy order placement experience. 

Some of the exclusive features integrated into this platform-

  1. Multiple Live Option Chains- Get live option chain with a lightning-fast refresh rate on multiple fronts such as a Mini option chain on the dashboard and full-screen option chain. On the full screen, we have provided a feature where users can track multiple option chains on the same page with multiple order placement functionality.
  2. Straddle Chain- Straddle chain is an enhanced feature where the most active trading strategy i.e., Straddle, can be executed with a single click.
  3. Multi-Strike Selection from Expanded Option Chain– Place orders in one go by selecting multiple strikes from the Expanded Option Chain. Choose from the pop-up to Buy or Sell, Deliver or Intraday product type, Change Qty, Mkt or limit order and place an order. 
  4. F&O Stats- F&O dashboards for analyzing the futures and options data. Check the buildup details, gainers, losers, index contributors and futures and options screeners.
  5. Pre-Defined Strategies– Pre-Defined strategy is a special feature of FnO360 where the user can execute the option strategies (20 strategies to choose from) in one click for any instrument of their choice. 
  6. Open Interest Analysis- In the Open Interest section, the user can analyze the open interest with OI, change in OI, Combined OI, Multi strike OI and LTP graphs.
  7. IndiaVix- IndiaVix mini chart to track the volatility at all times so that you can plan ahead.
  8. FII/DII- Track the FII/DII trading activity to get an idea of where the big money is flowing.
  9. Ideas- Get trading advisory from our in-house experts.

In addition to our amazing features for the traders, we have integrated many helpful features for the traders such as advanced orders like Basket orders, VTT orders, 1-click rollover and quick reverse. The news section will keep you updated at all times. 

With super intuitive position books and order forms take your trading journey to the next level.

Visit the FnO 360 now to explore such amazing features and become an intelligent trader.

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