What is a Derivatives Advisory?

What is a Derivatives Advisory?

Trade smart with what our advisors have recommended. We have our internal advisory team which gives derivative trading recommendations during the market. This helps in reducing your own time researching for your next trade. 

Derivatives Advisory is a mix of Futures and Options (Index/Stock) trade recommendations that come with Entry Price, StopLoss Price, and Target Price. Also, you can have your F&O trades calculated through the F&O calculator, know more from here

Giving traders clarity of the risk and reward behind the trade that has been recommended.

Short-term Recommendations:

These are recommendations that usually last for a medium-term i.e:- from 2 days to 1/2 weeks. Ideal for swing traders who like to hold overnight positions and get the best results.
(Refer to the screenshot below for Short-Term)

Intraday Recommendations:

These are recommendations that are intraday in nature. Ideal for intraday traders/ scalpers entering and exiting a trade on the same trading day.
(Refer to the screenshot below for Intraday)

Expiry Special:

Get in the right trade on any expiry by our Expiry Special recommendations which provide quick results on any expiry day.

30-Day History Performance:

Now track the Past 30-day performance of the recommendations with just a click. We show important information such as the date of call, prices, and the price at which the call got closed.

The traders can also take help from newly launched widgets, OI graphs, and more to improve their trade. 

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